Summer Diary

When I was little I used to always make a summer diary and I’ve just got them all out of the attic! The things I used say! LOL. Anyway I thought that this might be a good thing to do with my eldest son, 6.  I only made a simple version as we didn’t have much time. I got 12 pieces of plain white A4 paper and folded them in half to make a book, and hole punched them and fastened together with some ribbon. On the first page we put things like best friend is.., favourite t.v programme, hobbies etc. then on each double page I made it so that there was space to write 4 days, and I did this on the next double page too, then after every 8 days I made a summery. I have mostly been doing.., mostly been eating… mostly been reading… mostly been playing with… etc. Best thing that happened. And on the last few pages of the diary I leave room for notes, pictures, photos, and of course space to write about the best day ever of the summer holidays!!


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