On my way to organise my life and home I’ve decided to make an home management folder.
i got the idea from Organized home and also most of the printable sheets.
first of all i brought a plain black folder priced at £1.50, and some colourful dividers for £1.99

The first section in my folder is my calendar and schedule. I mark the month that I’m on with a sticky note label.Then is my weekly schedule.


Here’s my master to-do list, which i just write everything that needs to be done within the coming weeks, months or even the year

Then I’ve got my food section. which in the first photo shows a printable i made myself. In which i write the store’s name at the top the the item that is on offer, how much it is and The date the offer ends. Second photo is my weekly meal planner. I write out my meals for the week while checking the offers and i stick this on my fridge for everyone to see.

Next section is my phone numbers and addresses. First i keep a list of local business and taxi’s etc that i may need, then my family and friends numbers. Then addresses.



 And then my finance section. I have made my own sheet with what i need to pay, credit card, catalogue etc, and i just tick the month when I’ve paid it, so i never forget to pay something! Then is my homemade balance sheet, i do two for every month, on one i write down everything I’ve spent money on and on the other how much money I’ve got coming in. This helps a lot! I can see where i can save money buy cutting down on the things i don’t really need, like a cheeky takeaway! and how much I can save etc.

 I also have section for my son’s school work and things, medical section and document section where i store warranty’s, t.v licence etc and of course a Christmas section, which is my fave! I have been using this home management folder for about 7 months now and i must say it’s a massive help! I love it!

Get your printable planner pages here!





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7 comments on “My Home Management Folder”

  1. Saw you on Link Party, I am now following you via google and facebook, would love it if you could follow back. I too have an organiser like this, I do keep most of it updated, some do get left, they are great! Another handy page if you don’t already have it, is an emergency page. This page has information on what family should do in emergencys, emergency numbers ie gas, local police and next of kin/neighbours numbers, where the first aid kit is kept in house etc etc. Karima x http://www.karimascrafts.com

  2. What a great idea! I definitely need to put something like this together, I’m so disorganised at the moment 🙁

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