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Weekend Reads – #1

Welcome to the first of my weekend reads. Every weekend I’ll be sharing some fantastic articles and blog post that I have found that I think you might also enjoy reading. There will also be a linky for you to add your own blog posts. So if you have something that you would like to […]


Creative Wall Lighting for your Living Room

Creative wall lighting for your living room The right kind of lighting in your living room offers you a number of options towards creating a specific atmosphere. Strategically placed wall lights can also help to open up a room and highlight an eye-catching focal point. Careful consideration should be taken with your room illuminations especially […]


How to keep Your Children Safe Online

When it comes to keeping the kids safe online, many parents confess to feeling out of their depth. Simple censorship doesn’t always work because kids are often one step ahead, so what’s needed is a cooperative approach, starting at an early age, that helps both them and you be alert to dangers and take appropriate […]